​​​​​​​“An emotional short rendered in rich pastel-inspired animation… A Line Birds Cannot See dives into the challenges children face before they reach U.S. soil.” – Mercedes Milligan, Animation Magazine

“Award-winning short film, A Line Birds Cannot See, brings an intimate and devastating story to the US immigration debate,” depicting “a lonely and harrowing journey.” – James Prestridge, Close Up Culture

“Despite the beauty of its animation the short film takes the audience through a journey of what the worst of humanity is capable of doing.” – Joel Fisher, Battle Royale with Cheese

“Stunning…. Filmmaker Amy Bench’s animated film opens your eyes, breaks your heart, and ultimately touches audiences with its true story of a 12-year-old immigrant girl’s journey from an abusive home in an impoverished village in Guatemala, to her current status as a DACA work visa holder in the U.S.” – Joleen Jurnigan, The Austinot

“A harrowing true tale of lost innocence… A snapshot of why migration should be treated empathetically, not statistically. E.L has laid bare her story so we can confront our own faults, with Bench telling it wonderfully.” – Tom Hitchenor, Miro Magazine

“Visually stunning, emotional and immensely relevant short film….immensely authentic… a must see... A crucial, contemporary and necessary story” – Liselotte Vanophem, Just Celebrity Magazine


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